Sunday, 18 May 2008

Now that's what I call a sentence

Just watching the Great Manchester Run on TV.

I think perhaps Jo Pavey is the creator of the longest sentences in the world ever. Here are a few examples courtesy of BBC Wales...

I have great respect for Jo. I think she's really lovely and I'm glad she's not as shy as she was when she was a child. However, I think the answer to her second question is worth writing out in full:

"You know you do need a lot of discipline I think you can enjoy the discipline you have to be motivated but I think the rewards are so worth it and you know I've managed to travel loads of places in the world and I've managed to make new friends and I think whatever level you're doing it at it's about getting out enjoying yourself making friends and you know cheering each other on and there's so many goals you can work for whatever level you're running at there's always a goal you want to achieve and always the next thing when you've done that to achieve the next thing and there's always something to go for and that's why athletics is such a great sport and I think girls need to realise what a great social side there is you make so many friends for life in this sort of sport definitely."

Go girl!

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étrangère said...

Are you sure that sentence isn't a school writing project, in which the children should insert appropriate punctation to make it into a paragraph of coherent, grammatically correct sentences?