Friday, 16 May 2008

Economic turn-down = generosity?

As I was driving back from Oxford yesterday, there was an interesting debate on Radio 5 Live: how the current economic turn-down might affect our morality.

At least two 'experts' that were featured said that they thought the adverse economic conditions might lead to a reduction in materialism and consumption, and a corresponding increase in philanthropism and concern for the environment.

Perhaps - but Scripture would sound a note of caution. Our hearts can't change simply because of the conditions in which we find ourselves. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil - and one can love money regardless of whether you have it or not. We won't immediately become generous - that's a form of grace. A radical change in morality requires a radical transformation of heart. One that only Jesus can bring.


Chris said...

hey man. If you've not read Affluenza or "the selfish capitalist", read it.

thebluefish said...

The downturn would seem most likely to simply express our dark hearts in a different way, I could well imagine environmental concern and others needs being lower on the list of priorities if money is tighter.

Very helpful post Pete and thanks for coming to Oxford to serve us.