Saturday, 24 May 2008

Greetings from Hungary!

I think that this is the first `international´ post on this blog.

I am currently sat in the lobby of the Hotel Eger in Hungary, here as a delegate to the European Leadership Forum. I´m not exactly used to the Hungarian keyboard, and so this post will be brief!

We have been made to feel very welcome here. There is an incredible team of Americans (all from the same church I think) who are staffing the conference warmly and effectively. Our favourite conference moment so far was when we were met off of the plan in from Manchester ("Manchester? Say, isn´t that near WIGAN?").

It has been great to have already had a chance to rub shoulders with people involved in all sorts of ministries across Europe. Look forward to more of the same in days ahead, and I hope we´re able to encourage others too.

Things kick off here in earnest tonight. Lindsay Brown is the main speaker and will be taking us through Colossians. I am on the European Evangelists´ track for the second time and can´t wait for the input from Michael Ramsden et al. There is also a packed seminar schedule, given by folks who are genuinely world experts in their fields. I am struck by the enormous privilege of being here as one of the delegates from UCCF.

Please pray that Linda and I get time to process what we are taught, that we are changed and that we have an opportunity to think about how it all can make a difference in our church and in our work amongst students at home.


Chris said...

man, that is a long way to go for a eurovision party. did they put it on the big screen?

peterdray said...

Ha! Alas no... Don´t think it falls into the right sort of cultural engagement....