Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More from Moldova

I've heard a little more from the team in Moldova. They're now at the English and Bible Camp, but I received an email from Ebek before she left.

It sounds like a lot of fun with Moldovan food and English lessons, but Ebek sent the following prayer requests:

We leave for camp tomorrow. I think we are all already tired but keen to get out there and serve. Pray that we stay united as a team and that we are effective. The bible studies are superb and it is a great oppourtunity to lead an evangelistic bible study so pray that conversations flow and that hearts are open to hearing the gospel. Also pray for the Christian Moldovans; that they will be keen to get involved and that we will all be united together to be a great army for Christ. As Flick put it - pray that when the little red fellow comes along we will put on God's armour!
The camp is exhausting - emotionally, physically and spiritually - so do keep praying for the team out there.

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