Monday, 2 July 2007

A new challenge

Linda and I have agreed to help to head up the 11-14 year olds' work at the church we attend in Lancaster, Moorlands Evangelical Church, from September this year.

It's a really exciting development. Linda works with older teenagers through her work at CXL, and for the last few months I've been feeling as though I'd quite like to do some work with the youth. However, we're also feeling pretty daunted by it all - your prayers would be much appreciated.

I've also discovered that there's now a series of talks online in video format in which you might be interested. Over a year ago, Chris and I came up with a series of talk titles based on people's moral objections against God, originally for use in a series of lunchbars during Freshers' Week at Lancaster last year. My good friend Michael Ots has now preached through this series at the church at which he works, Lansdowne Baptist Church in Bournemouth. You can view the videos here - the titles are abbreviated above the videos and shown in full as they start.

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