Monday, 14 May 2007

The Romans 12 test

Studied Romans 12:3-21 tonight in Bible study at church. It was great stuff - particularly brilliant to see how chapters 1-11 are applied by Paul.

Here is an experiment I devised off of the back of the study.

Write down the names of fifteen people you will meet over the next couple of weeks or so - five of these should be Christians in your own church congregation (the first that come into your mind), five should be other Christians that you know, and five should be non-Christians.

Now think practically about how Romans 12 says we should treat these people, and think back over chapters 1-11 for the theology that undergirds such behaviour.

Revealing, isn't it?

What brilliant application of the wonderful gospel expounded in Romans 1-11, and a great way of showing how trust in the gospel affects day-to-day life down to even the smallest decisions.

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