Wednesday, 23 May 2007


I've had a good day.

I'm grateful to God for the many blessings he's given me today. It was great meeting Steffan in Chester to discuss our seminar we're giving at Relay 3 in a few weeks time. It was great to catch up.

It was wonderful to randomly end up in That Cafe Thing - the first coffee shop we found in Chester - and even more random to bump into Lizzie, one of the co-proprietors there, that I know from my Relay days. We'd not seen each other for years and it was wonderful to catch up!

I'm grateful for the time I had to spend in the Bible on the train. I'm even grateful for the hour delay which meant I was able to dig further into the book of Judges (thoughts coming soon...). I'm glad I had an opportunity to explain a bit about Judges to the woman sitting opposite me.

I'm glad to be a UCCF Staff Worker. I'm grateful to have been able to spend time with small group leaders at St Martin's College in Lancaster this afternoon, getting excited about Jesus' return and our resurrection bodies. I'm grateful that God kept 1 Thessalonians safe!

I'm very grateful for my fiancee Linda, and the time we had together tonight. Even a Liverpool defeat and Jadine being kicked off of the Apprentice didn't dampen the evening.

I'm grateful for life's little blessings.

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Matthew McMurray said...

It's great to give thanks!

I am sure it is something I should do more often! ;)

btw, we should have coffee together soon!