Monday, 18 August 2008

Another worker for the harvestfield

Today I ceased being the UCCF Staff Worker with responsibility for the CUs in Cumbria, as Adam Beattie starts work up there, leaving me to work just with the CUs in Lancashire.

This is really exciting news. The fundraising for the post in Cumbria started nearly two years ago, and Adam is being appointed at a really strategic time. I'm particularly excited about the prospect of a CU being pioneered at the Penrith campus of the University of Cumbria from this September, and I'm sure that Adam's presence will be of benefit to the existing groups in Carlisle and Ambleside.

Meanwhile, Adam's appointment will allow me to focus more on the CU work in Lancashire. I've already written about the opportunities that the new flexibility will give me in working with a new CU at Blackpool School of Art & Design.

Soon after starting as Staff Worker up here in 2004, I realised that probably the major thing that was holding the CUs back from reaching their outreach potential was the frustrating lack of input that I (and previous staff workers) had been able to give to the CU student leaders. For years we've been praying that God would raise up another worker for the harvest field (both in terms of providing the finances, and then providing the right individual). Please now join me in praying that many more people would hear the gospel across Lancashire and Cumbria as Adam starts.

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