Tuesday, 29 April 2008


This morning I received my complementary copy of Krish Kandiah's superb new book, Fresh.

Krish has been a great partner in the gospel with me and the CUs up here. I was really helped by Krish's input as I planned my New Word Alive seminar on the emerging church and Scripture. He also brought up a team to Lancaster in February 2007 when he spoke at Lancaster University CU's mission week.

I first heard about Fresh several months ago. Over the summer, I was sent the draft manuscript to read. I was very impressed right from the beginning. Krish writes with warmth and clarity and demonstrates that he really understands the pressures that Christian Freshers may feel on arrival at university. The first section ('faith') revisits the foundations of what it actually means to be a Christian, with sections following on relationships, evangelism, studies and holiness - key areas of university life where it's often assumed Christian Freshers should be familiar with Biblical teaching, but in reality often aren't.

I think this book could be very strategic for young Christians in this country. Join with me in praying that God uses this book to build a generation of Christian university students that look not only to 'get by' as Christians, but - by grace - to thrive.

You can order copies of Fresh from IVP here. Be sure also to look at FreshSpace online, which accompanies the book and has a whole range of CU resources for main meetings and small groups.

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Woop. Yeh, got mine too!