Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Jesus is King

I'm preparing a talk on Acts 3-4 and came across this wonderful quote from Andrew Melville - not the former Wales central defender, but the 16th Century Scottish theologian.

Melville stood up to King James VI of Scotland who was meddling in the spreading of the gospel at the time, and said this to the King: “We must discharge our duty, or else be traitors both to Christ and to you, for there are two kings in Scotland. There is King James, the Head of the Commonwealth, and there is Christ Jesus, the King of the Church, whose subject James VI is, of whose kingdom he is not a lord, nor a king but a member. We will yield to you your place, and give you all due obedience, but you are not the head of the church, you cannot give eternal life, nor can you deprive us of it. We charge you therefore to permit us freely to meet and to preach in Christ’s name.”

Wikipedia has a slightly different version of the quote, but you get the point....

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