Monday, 17 September 2007

Can't wait

Freshers action finally started across the universities I work with today, as Freshers' Week started at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

I've been looking forward to Freshers' activities starting for some time now - it's such an exciting period, and one that is highly significant in the lives of many individuals. For many, it's the first time where they have the space to think about life's big questions. For me, coming from a Christian background but not very thought through, it was a time to make Christianity my very own.

We have a ceilidh in Preston tomorrow, at which I'm giving a short evangelistic talk, and I'm also speaking at the end of a 'grub crawl' there on Friday. Hopefully it will be a week of encouraging Christians with the truth of Christianity, and encouraging others to look into that truth.

On another note, my laptop appears to have died. Those of you that are disposed to pray might like to pray that the computer whizzes are able to retrieve the files ... otherwise I have quite an amount of work to catch up on!

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