Saturday, 30 June 2007

Pray for UCCF North West trip to Moldova

For over a decade UCCF staff, Relay Workers and students have headed out to Moldova for the annual 'English and Bible Camp', run by the Moldovan equivalent of UCCF, CSC. This year, I'm unable to attend (being only three weeks into married life) but I wonder if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer for the trip, which leaves today. The photo us of me and some Moldovan students from last year's trip.

The trip will last three weeks. It will take over 24 hours for the team to travel to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. They'll get together today in Birmingham and then fly out to Bucharest in Romania early tomorrow morning. They'll then face the joy of an overnight sleeper train into Moldova! Pray for safe travel for the team.

Then, from Monday until Saturday, the team will have an orientation week in Moldova, preparing for the camp. As part of this, the team will get to know each other, find out a bit more about Moldovan culture, have some Romanian lessons, learn about God's plan for evangelism and prepare Bible studies from Luke's Gospel. It's an intense and often quite stretching time. Pray that it's a significant and fruitful week spiritually, and that all team members get to know and love Jesus more through the studies in Luke.

The focus of the trip is the English and Bible Camp, that will run from 8th-17th July. This year, 58 Moldovans are expected, two-thirds of them not Christian. Most of them will have read little or nothing from the Bible. The team's job is to teach English classes and to lead the Bible studies for everyone. I found the camp exhausting and very tough, emotionally and physically, but loads of fun! Pray for good relationships across languages, plenty of fun, strength and stamina, and clear gospel teaching. Pray that Christians grow in love for Jesus, and non-Christians repent and believe the good news as they meet Jesus in Luke's Gospel.

After the camp, British students stay in a Moldovan student's family home (a brilliant highlight of the trip). There's then a debrief period ... and long journey home to Britain with plenty of sleep!

Pray for the team: Huw, Cathy and Rachel (team leaders); Olivia, Flick, Ebek, Jo, Becky, Judith, Jess, Philip & Jeremy (students).


Rachel said...

:) your blog is full of my ohotos mr dray. but thats ok.

amen to that - how much do i wish i was going also?! sure you're thinking the same!

if you hear anything back from any of them while they're there, put it on here so we can be praying more effectively. :)

hope married life is going well, as im sure it is. see you soon!

peterdray said...

Hey Rachel, good to hear from you! Yes I will do. Hope to see you very soon!