Thursday, 28 June 2007

More on the Transfiguration

Since jotting down a few thoughts on Jesus' Transfiguration, I've come across some articles written by Stephen Williams and published in Themelios in 2002 in two parts, available online here and here.

I'd commend them to read, but my favourite part of the two articles is a quote from A. Michael Ramsay. Beautifully, he said that the Transfiguration '... stands as a gateway to the saving events of the gospel, and is a mirror in which the Christian mystery is seen in its unity. Here we perceive that the living and the dead are one in Christ, that the old covenant and the new are inseparable, that the Cross and the glory are of one, that the age to come is already here, that our human nature has a destiny of glory, that in Christ the final word is uttered and in him alone the Father is well pleased. Here the diverse elements in the theology of the New Testament meet.'

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