Monday, 20 April 2009

Five reasons why Christians read so few good books

With a room full of bargain books at low, low prices, that will be heading to CU meetings over the next fortnight, here's a thought. Five reasons why Christians read so few good books, according to Neil Richards:

  1. Sheer worldliness.
  2. Lack of conviction that such reading strengthens faith and increases joy.
  3. A disorderly life that cannot find time for the best things.
  4. Preaching that does little to stimulate the mind or make us want to know more.
  5. A diet of poor Christian books.
HT: Dan Green


dave bish said...

...could be that we don't read any books, Christian or otherwise... if we don't read literature, and we only read the bible for holy-info, why read a Christian book?

Larry said...

Thanks for this post, it made me think and then I knee-jerk reacted with a blog post about why Christians should read books. Namely, to steal a DG catchphrase, "for our joy"

peterdray said...

Dave - think you've hit on something there, but would reckon that this roots from a form of laziness and a gospel that is too small?

Larry - thanks for stopping by. I like your post.