Friday, 10 April 2009

Christ and him crucified

On Good Friday, a good question to revisit again might be: is the cross really that special? Paul determined to know nothing but Christ and his cross - but was he mistaken?

These are the questions that Peter Leithart asks in an extraordinary and poetic homily on Good Friday written a couple of years ago. Read his post in full (do it!) to see how the cross of Christ is the summation of all history and the fulfilment of the many shadows of judgement and redemption that had gone before. Which leads to this masterful and triumphant conclusion:

'The cross is the crux, the crossroads, the twisted knot at the center of reality, to hich all previous history led and from which all subsequent history flows. By it we know all reality is cruciform – the love of God, the shape of creation, the labyrinth of human history. Paul determined to know nothing but Christ crucified, but that was enough. The cross was all he knew on earth; but knowing the cross he, and we, know all we need to know.'

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