Friday, 2 November 2007

We interrupt this broadcast...

This is not, in fact, Peter, but his friend and temporary houseguest Gareth. I've hijacked Peter's desk and his blog to make up for his lack of recent blogging. I've been in Lancaster on 'holiday' since Monday, so I thought I would tell you all my holiday highlights to give you an outsider's view of life in the frozen north... So, here goes:

Lovely curry, followed by hiding from Peter and Linda's youthgroup (which was a good chance to catch up on X factor gossip)!

9.30am trip to Sainsbury's, followed by a lunchtime CU at Myerscough college. Reliving my Relay days making mischief with Peter's Relay Workers, Sarah and Nick (and helping Sarah fulfill here dream of hunting Mooses on Ultimate Hunting). Spent the afternoon in the library (yay) while Peter did a couple of one-to-ones. Then Pizza in Ambleside and a visit to Ambleside CU (who were discussing the resurrection). Rounded off with a visit to see Lancaster CU people in bar.

Further reliving my Relay days by joining in with relay supervision - exciting stuff from Hebrews 5. Followed by lunch/fun/mischief with Relays, receiving constant threats of violence from Nick. Time for a quick cup of tea with Linda, fish and chips and hiding from trick or treaters, before heading off to Laserquest with the Myerscough boys. This is one of the highlights of my holiday for many reasons: listening to Rock FM to win respect from the boys, only to have them play Leona Lewis, Westlife and McFly; getting two 'shout-outs' on Rock FM; grumpy Scott who wasn't as fun as his job required him to be; Cassie, Katie and Hayley who made the laserquest perfect in every way ("I am completely confused!" "Can we crawl?!" "Can we roll?" "Let's roly-poly!"); getting 16000 points, when one of the girls got -10000; discussing the devil in the car on the way home. Surreal, but lots of fun!

Lie in (finally) followed by some housework, then lunchbar at Lancaster CU (Peter saying something about Jesus and Richard Dawkins, who is no relation to RW Sarah Dawkins apparently). Then steak pie in Asda, with the choice of gravy or no gravy, plus replacing my trousers which were destroyed doing lazerquest. Then I spent the afternoon writing a talk on John 6v35-40, which I then gave at a supper party at Lancaster Uni. I finished the evening at CU number 4, at the University of Cumbria, Lancaster Campus. Lots of fun discussing the crucifixion with some cool people.

Dossing around, waiting for books from Ireland to arrive now Peter has fallen out with IVP. I'm off home shortly, so I'm enjoying this opportunity to reflect on my days of rest and relaxation...

OK, reading this, I sound like a complete saddo, and Peter sounds like a bit of a slave driver - neither completely untrue conclusions. But I've actually had a great week. It's been brilliant to hear the gospel every day (sometimes more than once!). And it's been good to spend time with some lovely people. I'm quite sad I won't be able to go to CU next week. So thank you Peter and Linda for putting me up and entertaining/employing me so well!

Normal service will be resumed shortly...


Dave K said...

Fallen out with IVP?
May it never ever be!

The open book between 'i' and 'p'
Guarantees quality, at least for me.

...sounds like a good week though.


peterdray said...

Not fallen out with them theologically - only organisationally!! And I'm still offering life chaging books at low, low prices.

Dave K said...

I didn't think for a moment that you had :)

Thankfully I have only ever found IVP to be brilliant in every respect - even admin.

BTW just come back from the Lakes. Interesting to see a mention of Ambleside CU in your other post. Now that is a small 'campus'.