Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bournemouth CU Mission Update

Thanks to those who've been praying for the Bournemouth University CU mission. The timetable for events is here should you like to know the events that are taking place.

It's been great to be back in Bournemouth - albeit at a time when the south coast is unfortunately rainier than even up north! I've really enjoyed being part of a good mission team down here, and it's been great to partner with the students.

There have been a number of good conversations with Bournemouth students already. However, I've been struck by the real apathy across campus. I think the church more widely has really failed more vocationally skilled / less intellectual people - I've encounted several people that have said that they'd not become Christians even if the gospel was true because they percieve that it would make no real difference to their lives. All this has reminded me of the real importance of relational friendship evangelism, particularly in this sort of context.

The highlight, however, was today's lunchbar at Bournemouth Institute of the Arts. I spoke briefly on Jesus' exclusive claims to reconcile us to God and took questions for about 30-40 minutes afterwards. Please pray that some of these people come back to other events in the week. Pray also that real confidence in the gospel amongst Christians continues to grow here. Events are continuing on until Friday night.

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