Monday, 1 October 2007

Life in the battle

I'm sorry that I've been a little less regular in updates over the previous few weeks. I've been very busy with Freshers' activities across the campuses, which has been great - although something of a shock to the system after a fairly quiet summer.

There have been plenty of encouragements - particularly amongst individuals in Preston - and also a fair number of challenges. Of course, this is the nature of gospel-focused work: the gospel often produces a reaction - both amongst non-Christians, and also amongst Christians as the gospel continues to convict and change. It's a truism that gospel work produces more gospel work.

I've found it tempting to crave comfort and a quiet life over the past few days. I've had to remind myself that the gospel is true - in fact, it's public truth. I've also had to remind myself that the gospel of God is effective, and that his grace is sufficient in all situations. It's these things that keep us going in the spiritual battle, and ensure that we don't lose heart.

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