Sunday, 7 October 2007

Encouragements in unexpected places

It's been a great start to the year across Lancashire and Cumbria. It's been wonderful to see how much outreach to non-Christians has been going on across the campuses.

The highlight of last week was quite unexpected. My Relay Workers (Nick and Sarah) and I had been invited to do a stand outside the restaurant at Myerscough College, a former agricultural college about 15 miles south of Lancaster. We've done some CU work there in the past, but nothing much over the past academic year through lack of numbers.

We were quite amazed at the openness to the gospel we experienced at Myerscough. We asked each person that walked past to contribute to our 'question of the day', and this led into several deep and wide-ranging conversations. Many students took gospels away with them. Several students came back later in the week to chat further. Pray especially for two horticulture students who we chatted to for several hours across the time that we were there.

It was also encouraging to meet a student that I last saw a couple of years ago. He finished his course and left Myerscough but is now back there and studying again. He was considering the cost of following Jesus two years ago and it's been great to continue those conversations.

The next event at Myerscough is a 'Grill-a-Christian' panel on 16th October.

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