Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lord of the dance

I was listening recently to Pixie Lott's Boys and Girls on the radio. It got me thinking: why are there so many pop songs about dancing?

I guess at one level there's an easy answer to this question: because a lot of the songs that are popular are played in pubs and clubs where people go to dance. But why is dancing championed in so many songs?

Of course, dancing is fun ('it sure feels good, feels good, yeah, we're gonna lose control'). But there's more too it. Again, as Pixie puts it, 'when the beat kicks in you feel it in your bones.' It's interesting to think that many people feel at their most 'free' and their most 'natural' when they're abandoned from their cares and concerns in dance (at least at the points when they're not worried about what people think of their dancing).

Perhaps we love dancing so much because we yearn to be away from our troubles and be in perfect sync with our surroundings.

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Marcus said...

I look forward to youtube videos of you doing a practical seminar on redeeming dance for the gospel at Forum.

And for your staff team to model it to me when I come to see you later in the year.

UCCF ought to become UDCF and staff interviews should include a 5 minute interpretive movement as well as an evangelistic presentation