Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bible translations personified

I love spending time with Blackpool School of Arts CU: they're an exemplary small CU with a real heart for godliness and evangelism.

However, one of the more random things they have assembled is a selection of bizarre icebreakers. Here's the one from Friday: if each translation of the Bible had to be personified by a celebrity, who would each translation be?

Here's the ideas we came up with:

KJV: Brian Blessed
Message: Mike Skinner
ESV: John Humphreys
CEV: Ben Shepherd
NLT: Myleene Klass
NIV: Philip Schofield
TNIV: Declan Donnelly
GNB: Lorraine Kelly
Amplified: Geri Halliwell

Anyone got any other ideas?


Alison Joy Young said...

Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog :)

I love this post. I love that students play games like this!!! I love the concept of it but unfortunately am very out of touch and have no idea what these celebrities are like...!

Good game! I don't think Thailand id quite ready for it yet though! I think they only have 2 translations so it might not work so well!

Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...