Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The egotistical God that demands praise?

I was chatting earlier to a student who struggled with the idea of a God that demands to be praised and was reminded of this quote I recently read:

'The praise of the God whose truth, beauty, grace, mercy, greatness and faithfulness we appreciate is the most natural thing in the world, and can be the most joyful too, as well as the most health giving. As CS Lewis wrote, 'Praise almost seems to be inner health made audible.'

Lewis's wisdom helps us to see two things. First, tat what looked like bargaining with God is simply honest anticipation of glorifying him through active enjoyment of a renewed display of his active love. Second, that the corporate praise to which the psalms constantly call us, and which we seek to achieve in church every Lord's Day as we sing out together our shared appreciation of God and his ways, brings him close to us. Writes Lewis: "I did not see that it is the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men. It is not of course the only way. But for many people at many times the 'fait beauty of the Lord' is revealed
chiefly or only while they worship him together."'
[JI Packer & Carolyn Nystrom, Praying, pages 100-101]


Stanton said...

Hi Pete.

Any reason you are talking to your study? Sure you're not having hallucinations brought on from the stressful mission season? :)

peterdray said...

oops I'll change that now!