Thursday, 2 October 2008


A brief note just to say that I've been less able to scribble my notes in recent weeks because of lots of busyness with Freshers across the region.

There's been loads of exciting developments, particularly at Lancaster University and the University of Central Lancashire. Amazingly, at Lancaster, red tape and being unable to book rooms has opened loads of new opportunities. God is good!

I'm still planning to write more about making CU small groups work and I'll do it in due course.


Ben Wheaton said...

How have you guys been doing with that room situation? How has it helped you?

peterdray said...

Hey Ben, thanks for dropping by? How are things in Canada?

The CU ended up buying a marquee on eBay, and held a free cafe outside Fylde College between 11 and 3 each day. We've had hundreds of people through, and many have come to the afternoon lunchbar-style talks (without food!) at 3pm. More than 20 have signed up for Bitesize.

I was amazed that people were willing to come to a no-frills apologetic talk in the afternoons, but I think the relational side of things at the cafe has really helped!

Thanks for your interest from thousands of miles away :)

Ben Wheaton said...

Sounds awesome! God bless you all.