Monday, 22 September 2008

Support Sarah's crazy sheep drive

And now for something completely different...

Linda and I have a remarkable friend from university called Sarah, who went sharing anecdotes often starts, 'It was the funniest thing ever...'. And often, it is. (The story involving Sarah's cannibal fish Betty and suicidal eel George still makes up chuckle out loud from time to time).

Back in February, Sarah found herself nominated as Freeman of the City of London and came up with the crazy idea to organise a sheep drive across London Bridge, re-enacting the Medieval right that Freemen had to drive their sheep across London Bridge without having to pay any tolls or taxes.

Having rallied a team together, last Friday her dream became a reality and together Sarah and her team organised for 500 Freemen, representing 70 different livery companies to drive 15 Romney Sheep in a relay back and forth across London Bridge seven times. The event was organised in aid of The Lord Mayor's Appeal 2008 and the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress kindly opened the event. The Honourable Artillery Company’s Pikemen and Musketeers escorted every drive after completing their 'Charing the Pikes' salute.

The event attracted much publicity and spread like a rash across the US newspapers on Saturday from Washington and California to Hick Town! By Sunday it had made its way to the New Zealand press and went global via the International Herald Tribune. However, having been madly busy organising the event, Sarah failed to have time to adequately seek sponsorship ahead of driving her own sheep and as such is only getting round to it now!

I'd strongly encourage you watching the video of the event below and consider sponsoring Sarah by making a donation to the Lord Mayor’s charities, Orbis and Wellbeing of Women.

For more information about the charities please visit and to donate quickly and easily, you can visit Sarah's own website:

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