Sunday, 9 March 2008

Alec Motyer on suffering

I have been devotionally using Alec Motyer's guide to the autobiographical Psalms of David in his book, The Treasures of the King - well worth a read.

I was struck by this quote from Motyer on Psalm 56:

'When people say - as they unfortunately often do - that some deep sadness has made it impossible for them to believe in God, they confuse faith with cleverness, an ability to unravel life's mysteries. It is not so. Faith is a relationship with a Person known to be wholly trustworthy - even when he is, at the same time, baffling.'

I have just noticed that my dad recommends this book on the back cover; suffice to say I was enjoying it even before noting his endorsement!

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gazleaney said...

I hadn't noticed Dr D's endorsement either. Maybe that's how he came to have the spare copy he gave me...