Sunday, 20 January 2008


Tomorrow marks the start of Lancaster University CU's mission fortnight. I'm very excited to be entering a period of university missions. They are a great opportunity to sow the gospel very widely.

If you'd like to pray for the upcoming week, you can read the timetable here. I'm particularly excited about having Amy Orr-Ewing around for the next week - I've found her very helpful in communicating the gospel to people from a more post-modern background.

I'm particularly praying that over the next few weeks we see such a dramatic conversion that everyone on campus - Christian and non-Christian - will know that God has been involved. I know that each conversion is a miracle, but I pray that the campus recognises what goes on as such. I'm also praying that the 100 or so students involved in Lancaster CU will end the fortnight ready to speak for Jesus for the rest of their lives: an exciting prospect if they are launched into decades of proclamation between them!

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