Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Glad You Asked

Today saw the Glad You Asked course that I've been running at Myerscough College with the Relay Workers I supervise, Sarah and Nick, draw to a close.

I think it's been quite a learning experience for all of us. I'd never done an evangelistic Bible study course at Myerscough before - and I have to be honest that my expectations for it were quite low. I'd never known anyone to profess faith at Myerscough College. Additionally, whilst I know that God's word is extremely powerful, at a campus like Myerscough where peer pressure is incredibly high, you are made to be really aware that it really is a miracle if anyone chooses to follow Jesus. Combine that with today's session, where we saw that the right response to the gospel message is to lose your own life for the sake of the life that Jesus gives - and we really are left to pray that God moves!

The Glad You Asked material is excellent and it's worth getting a copy (you can do so here). Not only is it idiot proof, but it's really good at drawing out the genuine questions that people have and showing how the gospel can answer them. The material moves smoothly from thinking about questions that we have for God to the questions that Jesus himself asked. I think a turning point with our group was the What was Jesus really like? session, where we touchingly saw from the story of the healing of the leper in Mark's Gospel that Jesus is both authoritative and kind.

It's true that the sessions have been a mixed batch - sometimes we've had only four people attend, sometimes nearly twenty. Through it all, though, it's been humbling to see God at work in changing the lives of several of the young people. Please pray particularly for one 16-year-old lad, who made a profession to follow Jesus last Wednesday (thereby doubling the number of Christians on campus from one to two!). He's very scared about telling his parents and fearful of their reaction, yet absolutely convinced that Jesus is trustworthy with his life and death. Pray that he gets real boldness to do so.

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